Youth “leaders” clueless on global warming

When talk about the consequences of global warming erupt, often the media tries to get a young person’s perspective on the issue. Not suprisingly, it is all based on the same theme; “if we do not act now, we will not have a future”. I have previously talked about how environmentalists are inclined towards believing the propaganda, but it is apparent that the young people in western society also have an instinctive, activistic approach towards this as well. As a member of generation Y, I like to believe that the world is in good hands, as far as the future leaders of tomorrow go, and I do believe that. The juvenille approach towards global warming however does nothing to help this optimistic approach of mine.

It is pretty well accepted that more young people are global warming believers than older people, which is to be expected. At school, we are taught about the dire need to curb our emissions. We are subjected to ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, a film that when its inaccuracies are distilled down, has no real argument left. Thankfully, a precendent was set in Britain that required schools to inform students of these errors and in Australia this seems to have caught on. I remember being shown the film in year 11 environmental science and we were told that errors existed, although these were never specified. Another thing I recall from the subject was how we were told in one class that there is another side to the argument, but next class, we resumed the propaganda videos and learnt more on the dangers of carbon dioxide for the exam. We were taught of the precautionary principle and how the environment should always take priority in any situation. I saw my classmates mindlessly apply this to global warming without considering the costs of action.

The Copenhagen Conference was held a year and a half ago now, and automatically the media set its attentions towards the politicians, industry representatives, (suprisingly few scientists) and, you guessed it, youth leaders, the people the media claimed were the main stakeholders. They all jetted into Denmark from all over the world, leaving a trail of carbon dioxide behind them, and to do what? What exactly did they intend to do to offset those emissions? Hypocrites, they breed ’em early. I remember one of these ‘leaders of tomorrow’ on the 7PM Project offer a message to skeptics. It went something along the lines of if a scientist said your dinner would kill you, would you eat it? Once again, a naive and exaggerated use of the precautionary principle. A better insight into the minds of tomorrow’s leaders is available on Youtube, apparently ‘owning’ reknowned skeptic Christopher Monckton.
You seen it yet? Good. What juvenille tactics by our future PM. Sticking a note on someone’s back, it doesn’t get more mature than that. That’ll show him to deny global warming.

Another example of youth ignoring science for some ingrained need to make a stand about something is also up on our favourite forum, Youtube. A group of uni students pretending to be scientists in a rap video. Despite what they claim, there is not one peer-reviewed paper among them (illustrating warmist obsession with peer reviewed work, despite it now being apparent the process has been corrupted). They don’t even make any scientiffic claims about global warming and yet claim it to be true contrary to Andrew Bolt . They then call Alan Jones a motherf#*@er. Says it all, really.

The global warming fiasco has brought out an immaturity by those of my generation who fancy themselves leadership material, so much so that it makes me cringe. I guess however, while generation Y skeptics like myself remain a minority, I will have to put up with it.


About Climate Nonconformist

Hi, I'm the climatenonconformist (not my real name), and I am a global warming skeptic, among the few in generation Y. With Australia facing the prospect of a carbon tax, we need to be asking the simple question; where is the evidence that our emissions are causing any dangerous warming?
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