Morning paper stirs rage

Just got back from working at Maccas (an organisation I later found out was holding the planet to ransom) and I see the morning paper. After a 5am start and with the rest of the day to myself, I was on a high. The front page of the Herald Sun however was something that only served to anger me (it wasn’t the bikini model). It was an audible and , if I was a couple kilos heavier, scary reaction.

I learned that GetUp are threatening a mass boycott of businesses who are a member of the Australian Food and Grocery Council. I would expect such environmental blackmail from this group, who only recently succeeded in obstructing Christopher Monckton’s right to free speech. This just set me off however.

First, Simon Sheikh links these organisations to a “scare campaign”. What about the atrocious and unscientific scare campaign of the bloody alarmists? Is Sheikh so economically inept to think that a carbon DIOXIDE tax will not hurt the economy, which will hurt people’s livelihoods? It is a bloody tax!It has no choice but to hurt families and the pathetic attempt at compensation only proves it.

“Holding our climate to ransom”? What do you reckon blackmailing is Sheikh? And I dare you to name one piece of empirical bloody evidence suggesting our emissions will cause dangerous global warming.

Then, the AFGC CEO Kate Carnell says something to steam me. She says her member are not climate change deniers. A use of a word with disgusting connotations. Anyway, what is wrong with being a skeptic? Why the disclaimer? What is wrong with asking for evidence and questioning authority (the latter is what Australians do best)? THE IGNORANCE IS INFURIATING!

Back on GetUp and their director Simon Sheikh (the mention of both is sufficient to cause my blood to boil). They have to arrogance to assume that their 570000 members will blindly obey their will? Are they all going to carry around a list of companies to avoid? These are the sorts of left-wing activists with a reputation for not practising as they preach. Do they have the willpower to carry this out?

Turning the pages, I come across Ricky Nixon’s mug in the celebrity pages. Go away already, I’m bloody sick of you! Rage building.

Opinion pages and another of my pet peeves is ready to set me off; ignorance. Someone reckons all credible scientists are convinced carbon dioxide is a problem and the carbon tax is the way to go. How about doing some research before writing to the paper with such a poorly backed argument by authority?

The first letter to the editor gets way too much page space to praise and congratulate the government and their puppet masters on the upcoming announcement of the worst decision ever made by an Australian government (worldwide, it is only beaten by apartheid, the holocaust, slavery, truly evil things).

The sport pages do little to subside my anger. Varcoe is back in (come on cats, we need to get back on the winner’s list), Cadel’s doing well at the tour and the Matildas are in the world cup finals. Nope, still angry.

So that’s my morning, a couple of newspaper articles send me into a rage which causes me to write a blog post, the first draft of which saw the word “bloody” replaced by, well another word.


About Climate Nonconformist

Hi, I'm the climatenonconformist (not my real name), and I am a global warming skeptic, among the few in generation Y. With Australia facing the prospect of a carbon tax, we need to be asking the simple question; where is the evidence that our emissions are causing any dangerous warming?
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