Australia’s worst prime minister

She came to power by stabbing her predecessor in the back. She then held on to it by selling the nation’s soul to the greens and three treacherous independents. She also said that we would not have a carbon tax. It was the only way for Julia Gillard to retain power. Now, we will have a carbon tax. It is unfortunate that Australia’s first female prime minister has rightfully earned the title, ‘Australia’s worst ever PM’.

Already, we have the NBN white elephant (although that was mostly Rudd’s doing), a crippling of Australia’s live cattle trade and, what will ultimately be her most significant achievement, the carbon tax. A tax that can do no good and will restrain our development. Will she go down as the only prime minister to have their legacy as a net negative?

I think, her most abhorrent trait is the way she treats her constituents. She treats us like children (not surprising as a former education minister), yet even children know that lying is wrong. What do you think the Australian people think when they hear the words, “there will be no carbon tax under a government that I lead” or “I rule out a carbon tax”? Perhaps they think there will be no carbon tax? Maybe? I wonder how we would get that idea? The fact she denied she even made those claims at first just illustrates her contempt for us. Therefore the honorable thing to do would be to, um, not give us a carbon tax, or at least go back to the polls. Such a blatant lie has no place by the leader of a democratic country. And no Julia, your situation as the leader of a minority government changes nothing. The greens would never switch support to the coalition, they should have no power over you.

It is this weakness that paints her a terrible leader. Were she not weak, she would not have succumbed to the greens and broken her promise of not introducing a carbon tax. Were she not weak, she would have not allowed a bunch of backbenchers dictate to her and recklessly ban all live cattle export to Indonesia. She has backed down in every fight she has faced, except one. That is over the carbon tax, and it is a fight with the Australian people.

Given her socialist background, her attempts to delegitimise and silence her critics over the global warming issue are not surprising. She uses the term “denier”, declares the”science is in” and tells us the debate is over. She backs these false claims with her very own climate commission, stacked with hysterical alarmists on the government payroll that will support her, while ignoring the skeptics. This is not science. This is propaganda.

In Australia, we have had great leaders. Hawke, Menzies, Howard, Chifley and of course the great war time leader, John Curtin. Now we have Gillard, successor to our 26th greatest PM, Kevin Rudd. How do we get two duds in a row? What have we done to deserve this?


About Climate Nonconformist

Hi, I'm the climatenonconformist (not my real name), and I am a global warming skeptic, among the few in generation Y. With Australia facing the prospect of a carbon tax, we need to be asking the simple question; where is the evidence that our emissions are causing any dangerous warming?
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10 Responses to Australia’s worst prime minister

  1. fred nerk says:

    Well said mate,they(Abbott included) showed all the brains of a flea circus yesterday with ABC in full propaganda mode.I am digusted and ashamed.Cheers CO2 is life

  2. Nicholas Christie says:

    I agree with Climate Nonconformist. Gillard is a disgrace, even without this tax. There is no evidence that humans are contributing to the Global Warming of the planet. The planet heats naturally, and then cools. Simple. But this seals her fate as the WORST Prime Minister in history. I live in Europe and if I am ever in the unfortunate position of having to watch or listen to this woman speak, I apologize to those around me for being Australian, and express how glad I will be when she is gone. Shameful in every respect (especially when viewing her from the perspective of being abroad).

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  4. fed up frank says:

    Gillard you should be ashamed of yourself and hang your head in total disgrace,you have no dignity or respect, resign now you bloody traitor to all of us that love this great country

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  7. Pattympr says:

    My god are you serious first she votes yes on taking apart the temporary visa and naru bringing theboats back and then she’s too proud to admit it was the worse decision and blaming the opossition rather than taking responsibility and fixing the problem by going back to a solution that actually worked, then she lies to the Australian people with no carbon tax,  basically forcing it down our trough with no vote, look I’m a woman and believe woman can do the job as good as men but this idiot is not helping woman forward instead she’s making all of us look like fools, as for her family law changes I fear everyday for my step daughter she’s lucky to live with us rather than her alcoholic mother, but this law could very easily place her back with her, everyone should be consider not guilty until proven otherwise, their are some great fathers out there and some very bad ones I should know from my childhood experience but if anything is made me a stronger person and a better mom, as for gay rights everyone should have the right to happiness and all of you who oppose it because of your religious beliefs let me just say this I remember reading how only god can judge anyone and something about he who is clean of sin trough the first stone. As for he poky devate only the person that has the problem can choose to get help no one can do that for them, I’m pretty sure their families know they have a problem when theirs no food on the table and I’m sure many ask them to get help but still they continue. People only change their behavior when their are punishments involve. So this pre commitment won’t change anything. They will simply find a way around it.Julia your the worse mp in history I could ask for you to resign but as we have already seen with mp Craig Thomson you’ll do anything to stay on power. 

  8. Anonomous_spell_checker says:

    Dear Pattympr,

    I like your responses but you should really learn how to spell or at least get your spell check right.

    Thank you in advance.

  9. Fred says:

    Not only the spelling…

  10. Jeff says:

    Julia Gillard is the worst Prime Minister. She was not voted in by the people, she stabbed Kevin Rudd in the back and still thinks that she will “win” the next election. She has done nothing good whilst she has been Prime Minister and only done typical labour policies like wasting money and trying to make things better too quickly resulting in a disaster.

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