Milne’s affront to free speech

Last night, Greens deputy leader Christine Milne made the intentions of her party clear.

“The Murdoch press has been running a very strong campaign against action on climate change. The bias is extreme, in the Australian in particular. You’ll see column inch after column inch of every climate sceptic in the country…

You’ll find day after day a real attempt at regime change…

And one of the useful things about the hacking scandal in the UK is that It will lead to an inquiry into the media in Australia…

We are at least going to see some real discussion …around issues such as the level of ownership and dominance of the Murdoch press in several capital cities in Australia. We’ll also have a look at a range of other issues including who are fit and proper people into whether we need that test into people to be running media outlets…

It’s time we had a good inquiry and certainly bias is going to be one of the things that’s certainly to be looked at.”

It is frightening that she is seriously suggesting that people who disagree with her should be silenced and even more so when you consider the power she has. It is even more frightening that the Q&A audience applauded her and the most scary part of all is that she has not been denounced by any of her greens/labor colleagues.

I am constantly befuddled that people like Milne and Bob Brown could think the bias lies with the Murdoch media. Each morning, I find the Herald Sun printing articles by left-wing journalists as well as your Andrew Bolts and your Miranda Devines. Yet, she suggests that the paper is run by skeptics. Does she even read The Australian or the Herald Sun, or does she just pick up on the pieces she doesn’t like? All this time, the Fairfax media presents a blatant left-wing agenda with nary a conservative in sight. And they are entitled to do this, as much as it irritates other people, including myself. You don’t hear the liberals demanding editorial content into Fairfax be reviewed, even after what they have to put up with from this organisation.

Peter Reith made an interesting point on MTR this morning. He said that ever digger who has died in service of this great country has fought to defend our democracy and our right to free speech. For Milne to make a suggestion such as this is the equivalent of spitting on their graves. Had the second world war gone the other way, we’d be speaking Japanese and be allied with nazis. With the country Milne apparently wants for us, one where we are restricted in their views we can express, what’s the difference?


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Hi, I'm the climatenonconformist (not my real name), and I am a global warming skeptic, among the few in generation Y. With Australia facing the prospect of a carbon tax, we need to be asking the simple question; where is the evidence that our emissions are causing any dangerous warming?
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