Green Terrorists

For over a decade now, the west has been at war with Islamic extremists. The last thing we need right now is war on two fronts. This is what is being contemplated by some of the most radical of the radical environmentalists. Leftist site Alternet interviews some of these terrorists. Do we take this interview as an endorsement of these views by this forum? At least we can take solace in the fact that most parts of the green movement declare themselves to be pacifists. These ones however, clearly think the ends justify the means.

One of these ecotards, as they’re being called at Stop Gillard’s Carbon Tax, calls for the execution of those that harm the environment, by the state.

They claim to be after democracy, yet seem keen for people to forfeit their freedom of choice in favour of this idealistic communist utopia.

“You can’t just have people building their own alternative communities.”

“I can’t bear to live in a world being murdered, and I can’t understand how anyone who even remotely considers themselves a living being can not oppose this with every bit of energy that they have, through whatever means are necessary to save life on the planet. I don’t understand why it is even controversial to talk about dismantling industrial civilization when it has shown itself for 6,000 years to be destroying the planet and to be systemically committing genocide. I mean this is not even a new idea.”

These nutters have started up a website called “deep green resistance“, which aims to destroy civilization as we know it. Their goals include:

Goal 1: To disrupt and dismantle industrial civilization; to thereby remove the ability of the powerful to exploit the marginalized and destroy the planet.
Goal 2: To defend and rebuild just, sustainable, and autonomous human communities, and, as part of that, to assist in the recovery of the land.
To accomplish these goals requires several broad strategies involving large numbers of people in many different organizations, both aboveground and underground.

I’m not going to say that Bob Brown and other parts of the less radical green movement are feeding this extremism, like they claim shock jocks are responsible for the Oslo shootings. Their methods are clearly different. The Australian greens favour infiltration of the government instead of waging war against them. There is however, a shared romanticization of peasant life and a disdain for economic growth.

No, these freaks will never grow to a number where they will be a serious threat. But, let’s not forget the damage that one man can cause, as we’ve seen in Norway.


About Climate Nonconformist

Hi, I'm the climatenonconformist (not my real name), and I am a global warming skeptic, among the few in generation Y. With Australia facing the prospect of a carbon tax, we need to be asking the simple question; where is the evidence that our emissions are causing any dangerous warming?
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3 Responses to Green Terrorists

  1. Richard A says:

    From “deep green resistance” Q and A …”My definition of dismantling civilization is depriving the rich of their ability to steal from the poor and depriving the powerful of their ability to destroy the planet” To the anonymous author may I humbly suggest that you come and live in South Australia where the state labor government have taxing both the rich and the poor down to an art form !

  2. If a foreign power were to do to us and our landbases what the dominant culture does – do their damnedest to turn the planet into a lifeless pile of carcinogenic wastes, and kill, incarcerate, or immiserate those who do not collaborate – we would each and every one of us – at least those of us with the slightest courage, dignity, or sense of self-preservation – fight them to the death, ours or far preferably theirs. But we don’t fight. For the most part we don’t even resist.

    When are we going to acknowledge that those in power will scruple at nothing – have already scrupled at nothing – to increase their power? There is no limit to their obsession to control. This won’t change because we ask nicely. It won’t change because we live peacably (just ask the indigenous.) What are you going to do about it?…

    I’ve never heard of an abuser saying, “I hit you because I wanted to terrorize you into submission.” Instead he might say,“I wouldn’t have hit you if you wouldn’t have kept yelling and yelling and yelling at me about coming in so late.” The framing conditions caused his violence. If we move this to a larger scale, how often have we heard politicians speak of the necessity of preemptive attacks on other countries (which just happen to sit atop coveted resources)? They rarely say,“I choose to invade this country.”…We may as well acknowledge that our entire culture—from top to bottom, inside out, personally and socially—is founded on, motivated by, and requires a systematic and absolute avoidance of responsibility. This is true both for our actions and our failures to act. What, ultimately, is environmental degradation? Any and all environmental degradation is a manifestation and a consequence of avoidance of responsibility. What is pollution? It is a manifestation and a consequence of avoidance of responsibility. What is overfishing? Deforestation? They are manifestations and consequences of avoidance of responsibility. And what is our failure to stop each of these things? It’s just as much an avoidance of responsibility. It’s time to take responsibility and be effective.

    Join or start an action group. Begin to take responsibility for our collective negligence through the centuries before it really is too late:

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