These people are insane

Climate Depot has an exclusive from Lord Monckton about the contents of the agreement being drawn up at Durban. It is friggin’ scary. [document]

Perhaps the most ludicrous aspect (although that is heavily contested by others) revolves around granting rights to “Mother Earth”. It doesn’t mention what these rights are, just notes that the “intrinsic laws of nature” are to be respected. I always thought these were the laws of physics? Does the UN think that evil deniers and wicked multi-nationals can make it so force isn’t necessary to maintain motion (Newton’s first law)? I guess the people at CERN are in trouble.

To assist in these “rights”, the UN fat cats are going to ban “commodification”. Monckton notes that this isn’t even a word, but one would assume that no one could then make a commodity of any natural resource (where all our resources come from). This means you can’t sell land. This would be an end to capitalism. It is communism through and through.

There is also the International Climate Court of Justice which will force the West to pay draconian amounts as part of its “climate debt” to third-world nations. That would be after all the greedy UN bureaucrats get their fair share. It would have no power to legislate for developing countries.

The most concerning is the section which says the maintenance of defence forces is to cease. The document holds little power over third-world nations (which include Iran and other hostile Middle Eastern countries), so the West could essentially be defenceless. Like we can trust Iran to put down their (nuclear?) arms anyway. Goodbye Israel.

Where is the media? Why are they not revealing such disturbing green fantasies to the world?


About Climate Nonconformist

Hi, I'm the climatenonconformist (not my real name), and I am a global warming skeptic, among the few in generation Y. With Australia facing the prospect of a carbon tax, we need to be asking the simple question; where is the evidence that our emissions are causing any dangerous warming?
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11 Responses to These people are insane

  1. Sean says:

    Can you imagine if these people got their way but not everyone signed the treaty. They’d start looking for ways to twist the arms of the countries that did not sign. Tariffs and trade embargoes will be employed to apply pressure. If I’m not mistaken trade embargoes is what motivated Japan to attack the US at Pearl Harbor. (There was also a disarmament scheme prior to WWII as well.)

    Honestly though, even they know they are making futile gestures. I suspect they know Kyoto is dead and there is no hope of a new agreement on climate change so why not shoot for the moon with what you have left?

  2. Patrick Moffitt says:

    Where has everyone been for twenty years? The Rights of Mother Earth started with the first Rio Conference- did you think they would change their mind?

  3. Sean McHugh says:

    I am fearful that our stupid government could sign on. The Greens would do it automatically, out of duty and hatred for the west. Labor could do it out of subordination [to the Greens] or spite over their failure as a government. Rudd would support it for a seat on the UN. My question is, what if they do? Can it be undone? Surely a following government wouldn’t be obliged to throw Australia under the mother of all buses to honour the malice and stupidity of the ejected Left. Does anyone know? [different Sean, BTW].

    • Climate Nonconformist says:

      Gore signed Kyoto against the wishes of the US senate. The senate then refused to ratify it, so Australia signing on mightn’t lock us into anything.

      • Sean McHugh says:

        Thanks for the info. What resistance could we expect from our current senate?

      • Climate Nonconformist says:

        Even on the off chance Combet agrees to such a deal, I’d imagine that there is little chance the parliament will enduldge him, especially if some of its gory details become apparant.

  4. thingadonta says:

    Food is a commodity, so I dont know what they are going to eat.

    Perhaps they mean they will ban money and markets. That wont get far. If you want to eat something you either have to grow it, catch it, or buy it off someone else. All commodity. I suppose they mean therefore nature’s minerals and energy.

    I think, by a process of deduction, they actually mean that just energy (by which they have generalised it to everything) shouldn’t be commodified. But energy has to be captured, converted, stored and transported. All commodity processes, which need to be priced and sold, as they arent infinite.

    So I guess they mean, by deduction, that the STATE shall run all energy, by which they mean if the state runs it, it isn’t a commodity that is subject to market forces. (But actually it still is, something the communists found out when they tried to ‘de-commodify’ land-it is still a commodity whether it is owned by private interests or owned by the state and because it is not infinite, there is still a price attached to it) .

    So they really mean no privatisation, of energy, in particular. This does occur in some places already, but it never works as well as the free market. I wish they would say what they mean though.

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