Development or Poverty

Development or poverty. What a choice! How do you pick one over the other? Well, some people are green ideologues who think anything humans touch turn to crap, and others are smart, like Warren Mundine.

FORMER ALP national president Warren Mundine and wealthy Perth dealmaker John Poynton are behind a plan to promote indigenous investment by building a $600 million port near the Kimberley town of Derby to service the massive offshore oil and gas industry.

[…]The plan is being driven by an Azure director, indigenous leader Clinton Wolf, and forms part of the bank’s efforts to identify investment opportunities that would benefit Aborigines and involve them as shareholders.

[…]He became a director because he wanted to ensure that any development benefited Aborigines. “This is about closing the gap, it’s about Aboriginal people having skin in the game,” (Mundine) said. “This type of project needs to go ahead otherwise you will keep people in poverty.”

Wonderful! So, what’s the problem?

But the plan could spark a fresh stoush with green groups over the industrialisation of the Kimberley, which boasts vast unexplored deposits of coal, bauxite, uranium and iron ore that could one day be shipped out through a new port.

A supply base at Point Torment, 30km north of Derby, would be aimed initially at servicing Woodside Petroleum’s planned $40 billion Browse liquefied natural gas project near Broome, which has attracted opposition from environmentalists who say the Kimberley should remain undeveloped.

West Australian Greens MP Robin Chapple said any development at Point Torment, which he described as a pristine piece of coastline, would be “another nail in the coffin for the Kimberley”.

Mr Chapple called on West Australian Premier Colin Barnett to reject the plan. “It flies in the face of what the Premier has said — that we wouldn’t have any further industrialisation of the Kimberley,” he said.

In Australia, we have some of the highest living standards in the world. We really are a lucky country. Yet, in some of the more remote communities, there are shocking levels of poverty and disadvantage. Developments such as these provide Indigenous people with the means to escape poverty, and the environmentalists are protesting this. In the past they have resorted to racism to oppose similar developments.

Andrew Bolt notes the size of the Kimberley, which is 18% larger than Germany. Why must we dedicate ourselves to preserving every part of it, especially when so many people are in poverty? It’s not like the whole place is going to disappear. The value in the tourism industry up north, provided private property/Aboriginal land rights are protected, will ensure it is preserved.


About Climate Nonconformist

Hi, I'm the climatenonconformist (not my real name), and I am a global warming skeptic, among the few in generation Y. With Australia facing the prospect of a carbon tax, we need to be asking the simple question; where is the evidence that our emissions are causing any dangerous warming?
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6 Responses to Development or Poverty

  1. Hi good to see some healthy skepticism emerging on this topic.
    By merely questioning the science you run the risk of being accused of heresy.
    Take care, it is a good thing you don’t identify yourself,
    I’m not a scientist and don’t pretend to have expert knowledge.
    A reasonable question to ask scientists is “to what extent are the man made influences on climate mitigating or accentuating the natural cyclic climatic changes”.
    Regardless of the answer, the human population should live a cleaner, less wasteful existence.
    Why shit in your own nest?
    The Government wants to tax carbon,
    The big corporate payers of this tax will simply respond by increasing prices to pay the tax,
    The Government responded by saying they will compensate those individuals affected.
    One should ask where is the sense in this and what benefits accrue.

  2. oops my above comment was off topic, i’m a newbie to the site.
    Pt Torment Port
    There is always hope and optimism in Derby, Hope that the various proposed major infrastructure projects in the West Kimberley will bring prosperity to the towns fragile economy. Pressure groups sway government opinion and investment confidence away from development of the region. A pastoralist representative of the export cattle industry says he would use the port. Unfortunately that thriving industry was shut down overnight by the Government’s ill conceived response to a 4 Corners report of our exported animals suffering terribly in an Indonesian abattoir. Curtin Immigration Detention Center is off topic but indicative of this Governments preference for shutting down big investments when they attract criticism rather than addressing issues specifically. A major benefactor to Derby towns’ economy is Curtin Immigration Detention Centre. Amnesty international made several visits and delivered serious adverse findings in relation to the deteriorating mental health of asylum seekers who have been there over 12 months. If you listen to the evidence provided by the appointed investigative psychiatrist and the visiting Greens MP Robin Chapple, and Amnesty, the major stressor leading to frustration and eventual depression and self harm is uncertainty caused by indefinite delays by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in processing claims. The Government now wants to close Curtin after spending tens of millions of dollars reopening it and many millions addressing health and lifestyle concerns.
    In relation to Pt torment port I wonder what projects will bw serviced from it, Woodside gas project in Broome has gone very quiet, looking doubtful, Investors rejected Point Torment in the past. The prevailing view was already have a port in Broome . The Premier supported the idea, but no one wanted to pay for it.
    Perhaps we should put the cart before the horse and build the port, the rest will follow.. eventually

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