A stupid move

The Heartland Institute has since removed its billboard comparing Al Gore’s views on climate to that of a terrorist, but the damage may already have been done.

The Heartland Institute doesn’t often do ‘provocative’ communication. In fact, we’ve spent 15 years presenting the economic and scientific arguments that counter global warming alarmism. No one has worked harder, or better, on that task than Heartland, yet we were ignored by the “mainstream” media and relentlessly demonized by groups on the left.

There’s no doubt that Heartland gets a bad run in the media, and while attention-grabbing this stunt is, it’s not the kind of attention you want.

But the liberal media and environmental activists went completely nuts. Even though comparisons of global warming skeptics to Nazis, war criminals, and Holocaust deniers are commonplace, they pretended that our simple and fact-based message was “over the top” and somehow beyond the realm of respectability. Well, we disagree.

While this exercise worked well to expose the hypocrisy of warmists like Joe Romm, who gleefully pointed of the climate views of Anders Breivik, you can guess what the narrative is going to be from the left. In their eyes, it is skeptics who participate in these cheap tactics; Monckton and now Heartland. This is a PR dream for the warmists and their MSM pals.

“Heartland has spent millions of dollars contributing to the real debate over climate change, and $200 for a one-day digital billboard. In return, we’ve been subjected to the most uncivil name-calling and disparagement you can possibly imagine from climate alarmists. The other side of the climate debate seems to be playing by different rules. This experiment produced further proof of that.

“We know that our billboard angered and disappointed many of Heartland’s friends and supporters, but we hope they understand what we were trying to do with this experiment. We do not apologize for running the ad, and we will continue to experiment with ways to communicate the ‘realist’ message on the climate.”

They started it?  That’s the excuse?

Ross McKitrick is absolutely spot on.


About Climate Nonconformist

Hi, I'm the climatenonconformist (not my real name), and I am a global warming skeptic, among the few in generation Y. With Australia facing the prospect of a carbon tax, we need to be asking the simple question; where is the evidence that our emissions are causing any dangerous warming?
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3 Responses to A stupid move

  1. cb says:

    “…narrative is going to be from the left…”

    I’m sorry but the ‘alarmists’, who ARE really the radical environmentalists, ARE guilty of literally tens of MILLIONS of murders. DDT is but ONE example.

    Negative press? Are you serious? The same press that has done nothing but LIE, time after time after time after time…? And you CARE about what they write?

    Do you not realize that it is people like YOU who are pandering to the MSM, and thereby validating them? As for ‘debating’ those people – it ALSO serves to validate the ‘opinions’ of proven liars, people who have been proven to be utterly corrupt.

    So much for being Soldiers for Truth: it WAS all just a lie – on YOUR part.

    Why don’t you just take out your upside-cross, and wear it openly with pride; after having removed your strap-on balls, of course.

    • Climate Nonconformist says:

      I don’t care what those in the MSM think, but you have to realise the level of influence they have. If we want to defeat the global warming agenda, then we can’t have these kind of negative perceptions floating around. This doesn’t mean pandering to the left, it just avoiding stupid stunts like this. To associate warmists with terrorists is digusting, no matter how the MSM try to spin it. Stooping to their level makes us no better than they are.

      As for me being some sort of devil-worshipper, or whatever you were getting at, you just prove what low, pathetic individual you are. No wonder you approve of such tactics.

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