Labor wakes up to the Greens

Yesterday, we saw some sanity from the Labor Party.

LABOR should consider preferencing the Greens last at the federal election, the party’s NSW secretary Sam Dastyari says in a declaration of war on Julia Gillard’s alliance partner made without consulting the Prime Minister.

Mr Dastyari, who described the Greens as “extremists not unlike One Nation”, said Labor must “stop treating them like they are part of our family … Where it is in the Labor Party’s interest to do so, we should consider placing (the Greens) last – just like we did with One Nation,” he said.

The state secretary will move a motion at next weekend’s NSW party conference calling on Labor to “no longer provide the Greens party automatic preferential treatment in any future preference negotiations”, and hopes other state branches will follow suit.

Since the minority government was formed, the Greens have continually dragged Labor down. Paul Howes outlines how they did it.

They have got away with their grab-bag of loopy and out-there policies for years. They’ve got away with it by being passed off as a group of eccentric but basically harmless hippies.

People assumed that the Greens might have some weird ideas, but they are never going to run the show, so we don’t need to worry about them.

Well, we can no longer afford to be so complacent.

After the next election, the Greens’ grasp on power will sharply decline and Labor distancing itself from them will surely exacerbate this. Now Christine Milne, desperate to maintain her share of power, is hitting back.

Senator Milne said the “outburst” by Mr Dastyari demonstrated an attack on Labor’s base.

Already incensed by Victorian Labor’s decision to preference Family First ahead of the Greens in the state by-election in the seat of Melbourne, Senator Milne vented her anger today.

“Labor party people across the country will be horrified to think that if they vote for Labor they don’t know if they will be electing a coalition person or a Family First person,” she told reporters in Adelaide.

And Labor people aren’t already horrified by their party jumping into bed with her mob? This is what is angering Labor’s base.

Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury:

“The values of the Australian Labor Party are very different to the values of the Australian Greens party,” he told reporters in Penrith.

And back to Howes:

Because make no mistake; the Greens pose as much of a threat to working people as Tony Abbott. They just hide it better.



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One Response to Labor wakes up to the Greens

  1. TonyS says:

    What utter crap from the Labor Party! The party realises it has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting re-elected in either state or federal elections. The entire party on a national scale is facing redundancy. Like a drunk ego-maniac, it went to bed with the first person in the room who showed interest, and now it doesn’t like what it has woken up with. Got news for you Labor… the exciting partner from last night has an STD. You’re going to be stuck with the repercussions and unpleasant treatment for a long time yet. Bend over…let’s start with the first course of injections.

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