Fairfax Bias

ACM responds to the editor of The Age’s attempt to claim impartiality on climate.

An email from Steve Jacobs reveals how Fairfax conspired to delegitimise Lord Monckton, by not calling him ‘Lord’.

Despite a study indicating large variability in Greenland ice cover, The Age reports on the dramatic shrinking.

For the ‘Our Say’ segment, they chose to feature one of the more infrequent warmist questions.

It took The Age nearly a week to get onto climategate and 12 days to notice Ivar Giaever’s resignation from the ASP in disgust over its global warming stance. It is also late on climategate II.

Michael Bachelard tries to dismiss the concerns of skeptics.

SMH spins a survey to claim skeptics are becoming a rarity.

Spinning business support for the carbon tax.

The Age sympathises with anti-coal protesters who disrupt the operations of the coal industry.

The Age uses innuendo to suggest corruption by skeptics.

The publication of this vitriol directed at skeptics.

The Sydney Morning Herald stereotypes skeptics as conservative, white males.

Tipping point alarmism.

Trying to downplay the second round of climategate.

Will Steffan is given an easy run by Fairfax, claiming there is no debate, with no one seemingly picking him up on it. This is despite the fact The Age had earlier published a piece by Bob Carter.

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