Developed and Developing countries

Just listening to Mark Steyn talking about the term “developing countries”, which implies that lawless nations such as Yemen are simply in the process of acquiring liberty and prosperity, rather than bogged down in a culture of violence and terrorism, to which there seems to end. What about the “developed countries”? Have we stopped developing or something? Are our economies no longer growing? It sounds like an environmentalist fantasy. I’m not questioning the origins of the term, merely pondering its implications.

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Stupidity from Barney Frank

This is from the man responsible for the housing bubble.

“Climate change — it brought on the endorsement of Mike Bloomberg, because one of the things the storm did was to bring climate change to the fore. So, to that extent, if Republicans got hurt because of the storm, it was because of the abysmal stupidity of their position denying climate change. And yes, so the storm did remind people how wrong they were,” Frank said on MSNBC in a Thursday night interview.

A complete misreading of the electorate – climate change wasn’t even on the agenda – and an abuse of science in labelling Sandy the result of global warming. So, I guess it must have been that key endorsement of Nanny Bloomberg.

(Via: Breitbart)

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No, scare tactics turn people off

What does the next IPCC report have in store for us?

“That report is going to scare the wits out of everyone,” Mr de Boer said in  the only  scheduled interview of his visit to Australia. “I’m confident those  scientific findings will create new political momentum.”

If big scary predictions worked anymore to garner support for global warming mitigation, they wouldn’t need a “new political momentum”. Scare tactics may work at first, but the public will quickly become disinterested. This guy is dreaming.

(Via: Tim Blair)

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Newman on climate

Former head of the ABC, Maurice Newman compares global warming to a religion.

When Mother Nature decided in 1980 to change gears from cooler to warmer, a new global warming religion was born, replete with its own church (the UN), a papacy, (the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), and a global warming priesthood masquerading as climate scientists. Selfish humans in rich, polluting countries were blamed for the warming and had to pay for past trespasses by providing material compensation to poor nations as penance. Cutting greenhouse gas emissions became the new holy grail. With a warm wind at their backs, these fundamentalists collected hundreds of billions of dollars from naive governments that adopted their faith on behalf of billions of people. No crusader was ever so effective.

The message was stark. If the non-believers didn’t convert immediately, our children and grandchildren would face a hell on earth. The priesthood excommunicated and humiliated sceptics and deniers. Alternative views were not tolerated and, where possible, were suppressed. Did someone mention the dark ages?

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Environmental fallacies

Walter Hudson debunks six key assumptions of the environmental movement.

  • Wilderness has intrinsic value
  • Anything released into the environment is pollution
  • Clean energy
  • Finite natural resources
  • Left free, man would ruin the earth
  • And…global warming
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Hahaha! No one cares

What happened to healing the planet and halting the rise of the oceans?

Obama has for the most part stayed away from the subject of global warming during his campaign for re-election. The President has only infrequently broached the subject on the campaign trail, but on Friday, October 26, in an interview with MTV, Obama delved into climate change more than at any other time to date during the campaign.

The President told MTV that he was “surprised” that global warming didn’t come up during the debates and warned that “we’re not moving as fast as we need to” in order to head off the problems he perceives will soon befall the planet.

Obama said global warming is a “critical issue” and that the subject presents a “huge contrast” between himself and GOP nominee Mitt Romney. “I am surprised it didn’t come up in one of the debates,” the President said.

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If you think we’re idiots…tell us why

There’s the straw man, the slur and a call to shut down the debate. That’s just what we see in Dr Susie O’Brien’s latest column.

In response to the reception her previous column received – in which she justified Julia Gillard’s vile attack on Tony Abbott, not on the grounds that he is a misogynist, but as a general rebuke of sexism – her critics are asked to back their opinions. She contends that people do NOT have a right to their opinion, unless they can justify it to her level of satisfaction. For elites such as our favourite expert in women’s studies, rights are provided by the state, and such, the right to freedom of speech can be taken away if your arguments cannot convince our intellectual and cultural superiors. Such groups whose God-given rights are forfeited by her include holocaust deniers and others whom she sees fit to be uttered in the same sentence – global warming deniers. I doubt Dr O’Brien is claiming a moral equivalence between these two groups, but its nice to be thrown in there with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

For O’Brien, the “objective facts” tell us that the climate is in fact changing. Thanks, Doc. Why’s it doing that? And, what exactly would these objective facts be? Alas, she doesn’t say. So, people who disagree with her have to back their claims, but she doesn’t? Does this mean she has to shut up about global warming from now on, I mean, according to her own standards?

Here is what free speech actually means. It means that anyone can speak whatever the hell they please short of defamation or inciting violence, without interference from the state. If what they say is uncomfortable, despicable or wrong, I don’t care. I will still defend that right. Unfortunately, our cultural elites don’t get this, and as such, we may soon have a News Media Council.

In a world run by Susie O’Brien, the likes of Burt Rutan and Richard Lindzen do not have the right to express their opinions. Makes sense. Rutan only puts men into space. Susie O’Brien has a PhD in women’s studies.

(Via: Andrew Bolt)

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Fake kitchens from a fake government

Remember all that money – our money – that the government wasted selling its carbon tax?

THE federal government’s advertising agency spent $100,000 to build three fully furnished fake kitchens complete with new stoves, fridges and appliances to act as backdrops for its carbon tax ads.

And they have been sitting in storage gathering dust in a Sydney studio warehouse ever since.

The Daily Telegraph has learned that for the first series of household compensation ads for the government’s carbon tax, the ad agency had hired a residential kitchen at a cost of around $2000.

Government efficiency, folks.

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Just in time for the election

Last week, Fox News screened a special about President Obama’s environmental and energy policies.

(Via: Andy Semple)

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Fox News Special: Behind Obama’s Green Agenda

Bret Baier hosts a Fox News special on the Obama administration’s environmental crusade. Some of the outrages:

  • As pointed out by Mitt Romney in the first presidential debate, the Obama administration has spent $90 billion on ‘green jobs’.
  • The EPA tries to shut down a fracking company, Range Resources, over a fraudulent video. The same EPA big wig who launched the witch hunt has previously been caught on camera exposing his anti-business agenda.
  • Environmental groups litigate the EPA in order to designate the mud and water run off involved in farming and logging as pollution that required legislation. The EPA seems to be complicit in these deals, settling readily with these NGOs and often subsidising them. Some groups have even gone after the lead in bullets, in what the NRA has called a back door attempt at gun control.
  • Obama’s refusal to allow the completion of the Keystone XL pipeline. Energy security and jobs gone down the drain. EPA head Lisa Jackson cites “environmental justice”. They claim to be concerned about the health of minorities. Harry Alford, CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce asks, what about the jobs?
  • Carol Browner, a former Obama climate czar, shuts down oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico in response to the BP oil spill. The economic effects are worse than the spill itself.
  • A West Virginia Democratic state senator discusses the Obama administration’s war on coal, a key industry in his state.
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